As someone who has lived with ADHD all my life, challenging is too simple a word for the complex journey I have had to navigate. Until I met Cara who joined my journey for 10 sessions in which she coached me. I spoke, alot, and she listened, intently and focussed. I could not work my head out but she carefully and respectfully offered me the tools to understand me and ADHD. It was not easy! But each hour unfolded more tools and ideas for me to try. So much so and I have moved on with my life, made big decision, am more relaxed, in more control and able to ride roughshot strapped to my seat, starting to enjoy life to the full, feeling good about myself again. Cara is gold dust.

Tina PCoachee

"Cara made me feel at ease straight away, I felt I could freely express myself and that I was going to be listened to. Moreover, thanks to her specific question I had the chance to reflect on my choices and decision making. Furthermore, she has used coaching technique and tools which further helped me. I just had 3 sessions but I already feel more confident and clear about my next steps. I strongly recommend her, whichever stage in life you are at she is going to support you in your development."

Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly Founder and Director WayMakers

As a colleague in the same field of work, Cara and I formed a peer support group of neurodiversity specialists in 2021 in order to share learning, insights, challenges and examples of good practice. Cara’s rich professional experience and knowledge is infused with immense warmth and an ability to consider both the whole person and the bigger picture. I always welcome Cara’s incisive observations and creative ideas and have the clear sense that she delivers real impact for her clients.


Cara is a great coach that listens carefully and offers many resources to help deal with challenges of living with ADHD. After receiving ADHD diagnosis in my late 30ies, I was relieved and found medication helpful, however I still lacked specific solutions to my ADHD obstacles at work and in daily practical life tasks and organisation of my time. Cara was able to show me ways to resolve by blocks and provide me with strategies that I could use immediately, and test between the sessions to see if it worked for me.

When I shared my frustrations and difficulties, for which I judged myself and felt often judged by others, with Cara, I felt very much understood, fully seen with compassion and encouragement.

Cara’s friendly and warm approach made me feel that I was not alone and that there is hope, that life should be enjoyed.

Sarah FCoachee

“I came away from the sessions with Cara with a new-found confidence to go out and make the most of all the opportunities life is throwing my way"

Alda Neurodivergent Mentor and Founder of Resonate Mentoring

Cara is a highly skilled and intuitive Coach. She has an ability to put people at ease and work in a way that is supportive and empowering to those she supports. Cara has been instrumental in supporting me to develop my own practice as a Mentor as well as supporting me with my own needs in relation to neurodivergence.

I have found her approach to be very natural and respectful of my own unique experience.

Cara has helped me on the journey to understand my own ADHD struggles, the beliefs that living with ADHD and other things have lead me to have which are no longer serving me. Just giving me a nudge to direct my attention away from the grit on the ground.. to see the forest not just the tree’s, figuring out I don’t need to be some more subdued version of myself so I can be accepted. Slowly ingraining the belief that I can have higher expectations for myself, it's possible, I just need to focus on them.That isn’t always easy but she really helps me keep accountable to my own authentic self and what I want in life. 

She’s incredibly knowledgeable about ADHD, CBT, health and wellbeing, and she really makes you feel lighter afterwards, like things seem achievable.I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with ADHD , or even people who are not necessarily struggling but just feel a need to recalibrate. Thank you Cara! x

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