I offer three types of coaching, Anxiety coaching, ADHD coaching and Autism coaching. I take a systemic approach to coaching that recognises that growth and development happen in dynamic engagement with wider systems that we are part of and that we relate with; reflecting that the communities and cultures we are part of that shape our language, ways of being, thinking and doing.

Anxiety Coaching

Specialist anxiety coaching to overcome general or social anxiety, phobia's, panic or attacks and/or agoraphobia.

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ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching to improve motivation, planning and organisational skills, manage difficult emotions and impulse control, and improve relationships.

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Autism Coaching

Autism coaching to improve communication, relationships, managing change and transitions and reducing anxiety.

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As someone who has lived with ADHD all my life, challenging is too simple a word for the complex journey I have had to navigate. Until I met Cara who joined my journey for 10 sessions in which she coached me. I spoke, alot, and she listened, intently and focussed. I could not work my head out but she carefully and respectfully offered me the tools to understand me and ADHD. It was not easy! But each hour unfolded more tools and ideas for me to try. So much so and I have moved on with my life, made big decision, am more relaxed, in more control and able to ride roughshot strapped to my seat, starting to enjoy life to the full, feeling good about myself again. Cara is gold dust.

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