Cara’s approach to coaching is one that encourages individuals to feel at ease, be connected and inspired to find answers within themselves.

What I Offer

I take a systemic approach to coaching which recognises that we do not live isolated within our own body and mind system but in relation to of a wider network of systems. I offer three types of coaching, Anxiety coaching, ADHD coaching and Autism coaching.


Anxiety Coaching

Specialist anxiety coaching to overcome general or social anxiety, phobia's, panic or attacks and/or agoraphobia.

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ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching to improve motivation, planning and organisational skills, manage difficult emotions and impulse control, and improve relationships.

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Autism Coaching

Autism coaching to improve communication, relationships, managing change and transitions and reducing anxiety.

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What is Systemic Coaching?

Systemic coaching recognises that growth and development happens in dynamic engagement with wider systems that we are part of and that we relate with; reflecting that the communities and cultures we are part of that shape our language, ways of being, thinking and doing.

Tina PCoachee

Cara made me feel at ease straight away, I felt I could freely express myself and that I was going to be listened to. Moreover, thanks to her specific question I had the chance to reflect on my choices and decision making. Furthermore, she has used coaching technique and tools which further helped me. I just had 3 sessions but I already feel more confident and clear about my next steps. I strongly recommend her, whichever stage in life you are at she is going to support you in your development.

Sarah FCoachee

I came away from the sessions with Cara with a new-found confidence to go out and make the most of all the opportunities life is throwing my way